Pastor, what would you do?

Chances are this post will require a follow-up for further explanation, but here it is anyway.

I’ve always wondered, if given the chance to answer anonymously, how Pastors would answer this one simple question:

If your congregation outgrows the capacity of the building you’re in, what would you do?

There is this constant drive in our congregations to get more people, fill up more seats, and grow (quantitatively). No doubt, if a congregation does grow — which isn’t exactly a bad thing — it will reach a point where the building simply cannot accomodate the number. What then?

It is sadly evident that the majority would start looking for a bigger building and maybe run the offering bag twice in a meeting to see if a bigger project can be funded.

I hope that a good number of shepherds will look at themselves when asked, “What would you do if your congregation outgrows the building you meet in?” and answer with all honesty, “We’ll split up into small groups and start again.”


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