Unveiling the Veil Subject (5.5 of 10)

I have had to add this semi-part in the series to explain a few things before going on.

You may or may not have noticed but the first half of the series, the first four questions, deal with a general problem in the Christian world: excuses to brush away certain passages in the Bible.

Firstly, we looked at the excuse of whether a teaching is real or a symbol. If it’s a symbol, let’s ignore it. Secondly, we considered the excuse of brushing something away as just a “cultural tradition”. It applied to their culture only, so let’s ignore it. Thirdly, a more popular excuse, since the letter was written to the “Corinthians” it must only concern them, let’s ignore it. Fourthly, maybe it’s something we should only practice within the church building, so, again, let’s ignore it.

If we do away with a certain passage in the Bible by excusing it as being simply a symbol, a cultural tradition, only for a particular group of believers and not me, or it’s only to be kept when I’m in one building but not the other, we face a much bigger problem; should this be the case for the whole Bible?

The first part of the series should not cause contention as it doesn’t so much deal with the purpose or meaning for the head covering but with foundation Christian realities of how we ought to deal with any passage in the Bible. If it’s there, let’s study it and understand it rather than brush it away with silly excuses.

The second part of the series, questions 5, 6, 7 and 8 will deal with the passage on a deeper level. In saying that, please bear in mind that this is my understanding of the passage and is not a teaching I plan to enforce on anyone. This is a teaching I didn’t even enforce on my wife who, long before she married me, used to wear the head covering. After we got married, I explained to her my understanding of the passage in a study we did in 1 Corinthians and am now sharing it with you.

Should you have any opposing opinion, please share it and don’t hold back.



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