Unveiling the Veil Subject (5 of 10)

So far, we have seen that the veil is a physical item, is not a cultural tradition and it is not only for the Corinthians, a related question would be:

Should this be applied in the church only or whenever a lady prays and/or prophesies (whatever that means)?

There seems to be a misunderstanding of what the word “prophecy” means and I won’t go into it here but please do research it to understand what is being said.

Back to our question, when should a woman cover her head while praying and / or prophecying: in the meetings or at home also?

If our passage is read alone, we are forced to think that the head covering is to be worn whenever a woman prays or prophecies. However, a counter-argument would be that the letter to the Corinthians is written for the whole “congregation” as it where. So which is right?

Well, although a lot of the letter to the Corinthians is concerned with what some call “church order”, there are certain parts that deal with unbelievers, others with the husband and wife and still others with daily life. So, when we get to our passage, we need to sort out some definitions:
1. What is the church?
2. Why is the veil / head covering required anyway? (which we will be discussing in the next part)

The way I see it, the instruction of the head covering should be addressed whenever a lady prays or prophecies as there should be no difference between the life within the meetings with other brethren and the private life.


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