I Cry Out ‘Violence’ (Part 4 of 5)

As we reach our final question, we come with an understanding that people in the bible are not perfect and it is not ok to speak as they sometimes did, be it in the Old Testament or now. One question still lingers in the back of our minds though and it’s this, Why has God kept a record of this?

You would think it may have been far less embarrassing to speak about people in the Bible without having to explain their mistakes. Think of the conversations you could have had with those who ridicule the Bible for being so proud of it’s “scarred heroes” as one preacher once called them.

Why not hide the blotched areas?

The answer to that is simpler than you might think. Contrary to what some may tell you, the Bible is not a record of perfect people whom God chose to use for His work. It’s sad to see how some can be so fooled into believing that God favourited one nation over others and destroyed everyone else but them because of a favouritism or biased disposition. Read the Bible and see for yourself, the harshest judgements came not to unbelievers but to those who claimed to be for God and yet lived outside of His rules.

What the Bible records is not a filtered documentary seeking to make imperfect people look good. It is an honest recollection of a vast number of broken people who were aware of their frailty. They saw their wrongs. They were willing to be broken and remoulded.

You see, that’s why God calls David a “man after [His] own heart”, not because David never sinned or out of an immature opinion on David’s life with no foreknowledge of what he was going to do later in life. In fact, it is in the New Testament that we read about this reputation of David (see Acts 13:22). The reason I believe he earned this reputation is because, for the most part, David was obedient and when he was confronted about his sins, he was repentant.

The same goes for you and me. God’s opinion of us does not stand on irrational favouritism. He won’t blot out our sins just because He likes us. We don’t earn any right to our own pleasures and sinful proclovities simply because we call ourselves Christians. We ought to face the reality of our frailty, desire correction, love teaching, be quick to repent and strive to grow.


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