When the Bible Gets it Wrong (Intro)

I’m one of those people who loves learning and can’t take things for granted. It is never enough for me to know that something just works without at least breaking it down for myself to understand it, or otherwise researching it.

A teacher in school used to always say, “Don’t ask Why, just do what you’re told.” I have to respectfully disagree. I love that question. That, along with the question, How.

When it comes to the Bible, we often see things that may not make complete sense. Sometimes, it seems downright wrong. Should we just ignore it and say, “If the Bible says it, it must be right” without understanding it? Worse still, should we explain it away? I think we should put it to the test.

That’s why I thought I’d start an ongoing series that deals with these questions to the best of my knowledge and understanding. The posts in this series will be mainly one post long for each topic and will be posted whenever I come across something new. If you have questions, feel free to share.

To kick things off, the first post will deal with a parable recorded by both Matthew and Luke. The wise man and foolish man. We are told that Jesus says the foolish man built his house on the sand. Is that really a foolish thing to do when it’s one of the most preferable grounds to build on, second only to rock?

Stay tuned.


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