The Matter of the Heart (Part 1 of 4)

I love musicals. Whether they be in movies or theater, I find myself jotting down names and dates of plays that may be upcoming.
You don’t always agree with what is said or sung, but you enjoy the artwork painted in the choreography, the voices and the story.
A few years ago, I watched a play by Andrew Lloyd Webber, “Love Never Dies” and one song stuck with me.
The opening lyrics of that song are,
Love’s a curious thing,
It often comes disguised;
Look at love the wrong way,
It goes un-recognized.
As the song continued, I couldn’t shake one thought out of my mind.
Read the next two verses of the song and I’ll share my thoughts afterwards.
So look with your heart,
And not with your eyes;
A heart understands.
A heart never lies.
Believe what it feels,
And trust what it shows;
Look with your heart,
The heart always knows.
In our modern and so-called evolved society, the words of this song are so fitting. Everything you hear around you seems to echo these very words.
Look with your heart.
A heart never lies.
Believe what [you] feel.
Do what feels right to you.
In the Bible, God gives Jeremiah a warning; one that is in contradistinction to anything we seem to hear chanted from all around us.
The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick.
– Jeremiah 17:9 NASB
I am often baffled by Christians who encourage others to do what feels right to them or to listen to their heart. How? How can you listen to the very thing that God calls most deceitful and desperately sick?
Emotions lie, feelings lie, the heart ever lies.
In this series, I want to look at just two matters of the heart:
  1. The cure of the heart
  2. The pure in heart
I hope you are blessed through it.

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